Christmas Bauble Cupcakes

Christmas Bauble Cupcakes

In 16 steps

In this tutorial I will show you how to decorate cupcakes in the shape of Christmas Baubles.

materials for christmas baubles


Materials needed for the Christmas Baubles.

press round cutter


Press a 5cm round cutter lightly into the top of the cupcake. Flatten the cupcake by cutting the inner piece of the circle. Fill irregularities with pieces of fondant.

glue circle on cupcake


Roll out fondant and cut a 5cm circle. Glue the circle onto the cupcake, smoothen the top and side of the fondant circle.

mix dusting powder


Mix dusting powder with alcohol and paint the fondant.

cut away the excess


Roll out fondant and cut away the excess on the outside with a fluted cutter. To cover my cupcakes I used a 9.5cm cutter. Now cut away the excess on the inside with a 3.5cm round cutter.

glue the fondant


Glue the fondant onto the cupcake and smoothen the sides. If you lightly put the cutter in the middle you can check the size and form of the circle.

make an inprint


Make an inprint around the middle circle with the 4.5cm fluted cutter. Make sure to make a clear inprint but not too deep to cut it loose!

create a v-patern


Push a star-tool in the border to create a v-patern.

cut out a circle


Cut out some fondant with a 2cm fluted cutter. Take a piece of fondant 1cm thick and cut out a circle with a nozzle No.11.

glue both circles


Glue both circles onto the side of the cupcake. Make 2 holes into the fluted circle. Make a 2cm thin roll. Roll both ends into a pointy shape and glue into the holes.

Tip: for the roll I used gum-paste, to prevent breakages.

cut out decorations


Cut out decorations for the outside of the bauble. I used a No.7 nozzle for the polka-dots.

paint the bauble


Mix lustre dusting-powder with alcohol. Paint the outside of the bauble and use another color for the decorations. Glue the decorations onto the bauble and paint a third color for the hook.

basic Christmas baubles


The basic Christmas baubles are now ready for further decorations.

christmas mould


Take a piece of gum paste that is a little larger than the figure you want to create and powder this lightly. Use the piece of gum paste to fill the figure in the mould and press firmly. Push the gum paste towards the middle of the figure, or one of its sides. Form a roll of the excess that is still attached to the figure. Use the roll to easily lift the figure out of the mould. Cut the roll using a knife or some scissors. Make more figures and allow them to dry.

Tip: for some figures you can use colored gum paste.

paint the figure details


Paint the details on the figures with dusting-powder and alcohol, lustre paint or markers. Let the figures dry again.

edible christmas baubles


Completely edible Christmas baubles, ready for Christmas!

Materials needed (for 10 cupcakes)

  • 10 high cupcakes
  • 300 grams white fondant
  • Alcohol
  • Edible glue
  • Various colors lustre dusting powder (I used light green, silver and gold)
  • Cornflour puff for dusting
  • Fluted cutters size 2cm, 4.5cm
  • Fluted cutter a large size to cover the compleet top of the cupcake (I used a 9.5cm size)
  • Round cutters size 3.5cm and 5cm
  • Little star (plunger)cutter
  • Nozzles size No.7 and No.11
  • Star tool
  • Knife
  • Paintbrushes
  • Smoother
  • Rolling pin

Materials needed for Santa's figurines

  • 125 grams gum paste
  • Various colors dusting powder, lustre paint or markers with edible ink.
  • Art2Bite Santa's workshop mold